Volume 7, Issue 2, Autumn 2011, Page 1-292

Evaluation of the antimicrobial effect of endodontic sealers on microbiota associated with root canal infections

Adnan H. Al-Hamadani; Rahi K. Al-Yasiri; Mahmood A. Manky; Mahab A. Al-Jannat

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 1-12

The present study aimed to evaluate the antimicrobial effect of the most commonly used sealers against the microorganisms that isolated from teeth with root canal infections. One hundred and twenty patients whom attended dental clinic of Al-Diwaniyah Teaching Hospital for root canal treatment on one tooth only were included.
By using VITEK 2- Compact system to identify the microorganisms associated with endodontic infections, Streptococcus bacteria were more frequently isolated (105 isolates), and this number was including S.pyogenes 24(16.5%) , S. mutans 23(15.6%), S.sangius 14(9.5%), S.angiosus 10(6.8%), S.pneumonia 9(6.3%), S.intermedius 9(6.3%), S.mitis 6(4%), S.salivarius 5(3.4%), Enterococcus faecalis had been recovered from root canals of 5(3.4%)teeth,. Also this study revealed that Staphylococcus bacteria were isolated from 25 infected root canal, consisting of S.aureus 17(11.5%) and S.epidermides 8(5.4%), whereas Lactobacillus acidophilus isolated in small percentage (3.4%). Candida albicans represented 12(8.1%) of tested isolations,
In this study, the agar diffusion test had been used to evaluate the antimicrobial effect of commercially used endodontic sealers, the mean diameter of inhibition zone was the smallest with calcium hydroxide (1.2 mm), whereas the highest was with zinc oxide eugenol (14.9 mm). The inhibition zone of zinc oxide eugenol (antimicrobial effect) was significantly higher by a mean of 13.7 mm compared to the reference material (calcium hydroxide). The use of Resin based sealer would significantly increase the diameter of inhibition zone by 2.2 mm compared to reference sealer material. The antibacterial effect of zinc oxide eugenol and resin based were both very high compared to that of reference sealer material.

A prospective comparison of off-flap epi-LASIK and P.R.K for correction of myopia

Qasim Kadhim Farhood

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 13-22

Purpose:To compare the clinical post operative results of off-flap epi-LASIK and photorefractive keratectomy (P.R.K) for the correction of myopia
Methods:In Al-Hillah teaching Hospital (Laser Unit),100 eyes of 50 patients with myopia in which off-flap epi-LASIK was done to one eye and photorefractive keratectomy (P.R.K ) was done to other eye , in epi-LASIK mechanical separation of the corneal epithelium was performed with MORIA epikeratome and alcohol assisted separation with 25 seconds application of 18% alcohol (P.R.K technique). Ablation was performed with NIDEK CXIII laser .
The patients were seen daily until epithelial healing and at one, three, and six months, time to epithelial healing , haze grades and pain scales were recorded
Results:pre operative myopic spherical refraction was (-3.90 ± 1.45 diopters ) range (-2.00 to-6.50 diopters ) , the mean time to epithelial healing was slightly longer after (P.R.K ) (4.9 ± 0.6 days ) compared to epi-LASIK (4.20 ± 0.56 days ).
Of both techniques (P.R.K and epi-LASIK) treated eyes 94% achieved 6/6 after six months; the grades of pain and haze were nearly similar in both off-flap Epi-LASIK and P.R.K
Conclusions:Off-flap epi-LASIK and P.R.K offer effective correction of myopia with comparable results regarding postoperative pain and haze

Toxoplasmosis among schizophrenic patients in Al-Rashad Teaching Hospital

Mohammed D. Jassam; Emad A. Abdulghani; Mohammed A. Hassan; Fekri N. Younis; Fadheelah Shabat Jassam

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 23-32

Background;Studies showed that people with schizophrenia and other mental disorders have a higher incidence of exposure to T.gondii. The aim of the present paper is to estimate the rate of toxoplasmosis in schizophrenic patients.
Methods;A total of (125) serum samples were studied.(100) patients from AL- Rashad Teaching Hospital compared with (25) healthy person as a control group; during the period from October 1,2009-March31,2010. All were male of age (20-55 years).Serum samples were tested by using ELISA Toxoplasma technique for Ab. detection (IgG and IgM) in addition to the serum testosterone concentration.
Results;The results showed that 49% schizophrenics have IgG positive Toxoplasma ,6% have positive IgM and 4% have both IgG and IgM positive Toxoplasma .The risk of having schizophrenia in subjects with positive IgG Ab is 5 times higher than negative IgG Ab persons. The mean IgG Ab. titer was higher (1.1) in schizophrenics. The serum testosterone concentration was significant (6.1)in schizophrenics & was significantly higher in schizophrenics with positive IgG Ab.(7.1). No associations were found between toxoplasmosis and residence, smoking, alcohol consumption, educational level, history of contact with cats, or marital status.
Conclusion;Schizophrenics have IgG positive Toxoplasma , high IgG Ab titre & serum testosterone concentration.

Determination of EEG for smell sensitive brain’s areas by using chemical stimulators

Shireen H.Ramadhan; Abdulridha S.Younis

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 33-40

The electroencephalogram (EEG) is a unique and valuable measure of the brain’s electrical functions. It is a graphic display of a difference in voltages from two sites of brain function recorded over time.
Physical, chemical and mechanical stimulators appear as wave frequency, action potential amplitude changes which are reaching different areas in the brain. Each area is responsible to record a certain type of stimulator whether it is chemical that is received by smelling, and test senses, physical stimulator by hearing, , and vision senses, or touching stimulator.
This research is concentrated on the determination of the most sensitive areas (the correct channels of electrodes placement system) of the brain that are responsible to receive the highest chemical stimulation due to the action of Lavender perfume stimulator (Lavender perfume with concentration of 50 % ), for normal males and females subjects for smelling sense. Ten males and the same numbers of females all subjects selected within the age range between (25- 30) years old.
It has been found that T3 and T4 are the best channels connections for smelling sense for both male and female, and that the mean relative action potential (The ratio of action potential amplitude after to that before exposure of perfume stimulation) for males are higher than that for females, these results reflect that males are more sensitive than females in this type of perfume and may be it is not in other type, and the mean relative action potential amplitude for the channels T3, T4, T5, T6, P3, and P4 are 2.05, 1.80, 1.12, 1.20, 1.10, and 1.10 for males and 1.96, 1.76, 1.12, 1.11, 1.09, 1.09 for females respectively.

Primary Burkitt's lymphoma of the ovary (Case Report)

Nada Hamza Shareef; Qasim Dawood Al-Tameemi; Jawad Kadim Al-Dhahri

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 41-46

Ovarian neoplasms are rare in children . We had reported a case of primary Burkitt's lymphoma of the ovary in a 3-year-old girl presented with chronic abdominal pain with fever, pallor, and abdominal mass which was proved after laparatomy and histopathological study of the excised tumour to be a primary Burkitt's lymphoma of the ovary.

Effect of evening primrose oil on primeralary blood coagulation investigation in male rabbits

Hussien Naji Abdullah; A.Razzak. A.Latif; Zena Hasan Sahib

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 47-56

This study was performed to determine the effects of Evening primrose oil (EPO) on haemostatic parameters following 30 and 60 days administration of 90 mg/kg (EPO( to healthy male rabbits. The laboratory resulting in significant increase in Prothrombin time (PT), activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) assays (p<0.01), platelets count significantly decreased (p<0.01) at both times. While fibrinogen concentration are insignificantly decreased. These effects might be due to inactivation or inhibition of factors affecting coagulation.

A comparison study of saliva content before and after menopause

Shama Abd-Alazez; Buthena Abass Frhan; Ferdous Abass Jabir

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 57-65

Background:- In recent year saliva test is used instead of blood test in many medical fields for being more accurate and not invasive, for example it is used for evaluation of the benefit of using hormonal replacement therapy as treatment in post menopausal women.
Objective:- As relatively little is known about the effect of age on salivary composition, the aim of this study is to compare between saliva content before and after menopause for some of biochemical markers which are used for diagnosis of many medical condition and risk groups.
Methods :- Sixty-eight female were participate in this study, divided for two groups the first group consist of thirty-four female in premenopausal age and another thirty-four female represent the second group postmenopausal.
Salivary samples were taken to assess urea level, glucose level, uric acid and cholesterol levels.
Results:- The results shows that urea level along with cholesterol level were significantly higher in postmenopausal women (P<0.01) while uric acid and glucose shows no significant difference (P>0.01).

Bacterial Species associated with appendicitis

F. K. Ktab; H. S; Naher

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 66-75

The study included the detection of bacterial species in 110 excised appendix being taken from 110 patients having acute appendicitis who were referred to Al-Kufa Teaching Hospital, department of urology whose ages ranged from 4 to 60 years old. The patients were 69 (62.7%) males and 41(37.3%) females.
The clinical features of patients being observed by surgeons were recorded. Those were right iliac fosse pain, generalized abdominal pain, fever, loss of appetite and nausea. White blood cells count, C-reactive protein and general urine analysis were also studied, in addition to abdominal ultra-sonography and computer tomography (C.T.). The age group of both sexes being more susceptible for appendicitis ranged from 11 to 20 years old. The ratio of males to females' infections was 1.7:1. A total of 111 bacterial isolates were isolated from inflamed appendicitis of 110 patients with acute appendicitis. Positive bacterial cultures were detected in 90 (81.8%) patients while 20 (18.2%) patients showed no growth. The aerobic bacteria accounted for 87 (78.4%) isolates whereas anaerobic were only 24(21.6%) isolates. Gram-negative bacteria were presented in 107 (96.4%) while gram-positive bacteria were accounted for 4 (3.6%).
Escherichia coli was the predominant pathogens, since it accounted for 36 (32.4%) of all isolates followed by Bacteroides spp. 21 (18.9%), Klebsiella pneumoniae 18 (16.2 % ), Pseudomonas aeruginosa 11 (9.9%), Citrobacter freundii 7 (6.3%), Salmonella typhi 5 (4.5%), Proteus mirabilis 5 (4.5%), Enterobacter aerogenesa 4 (3.6%), Peptodtreptococcus 2 (1.8%), Staphylococcus aureus 1 (0.9%) and Clostridium perfringns 1 (0.9%).
Mixed cultures were detected in 21 cases*, in which more than one organism were detected. Most of mixed bacterial isolates were aerobic with anaerobic bacteria 13 (61.9%) in which Escherichia coli was the common, since it accounted for 15 (71.4%).

Some physiological changes in men and women after an acute myocardial infarction

Muhammad Obaid Al-Muhammadi

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 76-97

This study was designed to assess some hematological and biochemical changes related to the acute myocardial infarction patients ,since the levels of these constituents are very important for the health care team to know how the body is responding to the different therapies that being provided and this will help the medical staff for proper management with less morbidity and mortality .
The study proceeded from March /2010 to August / 2010. There are 48 patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and healthy subjects of both sexes.
The patients were diagnosed by specialist physicians by using positive troponin I tests, typical chest pain and changes in ECG . A total number of 26 patients ; 14 males and 12 females and 22 of healthy control subjects ; 12 males and 10 females.The ages of subjects ranged between 40 to 60 years. Those patients were admitted to the cardiac care unit (CCU) in Marjan Teaching hospital in Hilla city. A history and physical examination were obtained and laboratory tests were performed in all subjects during first 3 days of attack .
Concerning the hematological parameters , it was found that white blood cells(WBCs) count and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) of male and female AMI patients showed significant increase(P<0.001) in comparison with healthy controls.
Regarding the biochemical parameters ,it was found significant increase(P<0.001) in total serum triglycerides, total cholesterol, LDL and VLDL (P<0.01)in male and female AMI patients in comparison with healthy controls .While HDL significantly decrease(P<0.001) in both male and female patients in comparison with that of control. Serum magnesium and zinc concentration of both male and female AMI patients showed significant decrease(in male , P<0.05 ; P<0.01 and in female , P<0.01; P<0.01 , respectively) in comparison with control. While ,serum calcium, blood urea and serum creatinine in patients with AMI of both males and females are significantly increased (P<0.001) (exception in calcium, female at P<0.01 ) in comparison with the controls groups.

Survey of malformations at birth in Al-najaf Al-ashraf province

Abdulrazzaq yassin Abdullah; Atheer Kadhim Ibadi; Abdulhadi Sallal

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 98-105

This study was conducted surveys to collect cases of congenital anomalies of the years 2005, 2006.2007 and 2008 live births in the maternity hospital and children in the province of Najaf, where the results were 378 cases deformation (deformation of the brain and neural tube defect, small head size, congenital cardiovascular, lip clefts, palate clefts, the structural defects, hydrocephalus, malformations of the digestive system) of the total 9653 live births, which was increased by 222 (58.7%) case of females, while males were increased by 158 cases (41.3%).
The on the basis of the distribution of cases, depending on years of study was the year 2006, more frequent and the least of the past year 2008.
The results of this study showed a higher rate of malformations of the brain and spinal cord and the least of which is the spine bifida Over the years of study. In 2005, the more abnormalities (19) the case of mothers aged 24-20 years, but 2006 was the number of cases (69) status of mothers aged 44-40 years, while the year 2007 resembled 2006 more than that age group is 44-40 in the occurrence of cases, and the year 2008 were the highest in the age group 29-25 years (35.3%).

Immunological assessment of hemodialysis patients in Al-Diwaniya and Al-Najaf governorates

Arafat A. Sharara; a A. Al-Essami; Alaa; Hammady A.Al-Hilaly

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 106-116

The present study was carried out to investigate the immunological status of special category of patients who were ongoing Hemodialysis process as they at End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).The study group (patients) included were 82 individuals who were regularly attending HD units at AL-Diwaniya Teaching Hospital and AL-Hakeem Teaching Hospital (AL-Najaf AL-Ashraf) / Iraq during the period Nov.2008 -Aug.2009.
Another two control groups; the 1st (n=50)who were apparently healthy and the 2nd(n=32) patients with UTI other than ESRD. They all subjected to a questionnaire form regarding many general variables. Blood samples collected and each divided into tow aliquots; the 1st for hematology and the second (serum) for biochemical and serology tests including IFN-γ and IL-8 assays using ELISA. The interesting results those of serum IFN-γ, IL-8(pg/ml) and CRP(mg/ml) among the three study groups; the median concentration of IFN- γ in HD patients and renal disease (not failure) was zero , while it was 0.05 in healthy control. However, the only significant difference was between the first and third groups. Interleukin -8 has seem to be more significant different as it has had median concentration of, 24.1, 23.7, and 104.1 in the three groups above , respectively.

The pattern of skin diseases in Karbala city: A retrospective study

Ali Tariq Abd Al Hassan

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 117-128

Background: Knowing the patterns of skin diseases is a vital step in the education of primary health care physicians and in planning curriculum for teaching medical students.Moreover, these types of studies are necessary to provide adequate therapeutic services to those suffering from these diseases.
Objective: To determine the characteristic pattern of various skin disorders for all the patients who visited the dermatology outpatient clinic at Al Husseiny Teaching Hospital, in Karbala City.
Patients and methods: A retrospective and descriptive study was conducted in order to describe the skin diseases patterns. The medical records of patients attending the dermatology outpatient clinic from January 2009 to January 2010 were reviewed. Diagnosis was mainly based on clinical findings, but supplemented by further investigations when needed.
Results: A total of 4169 patients were seen during this period and the ages ranged from
4 days to 85 years. They represent 30 .4 % of the total patients visited the outpatient clinics at our hospital .There were 2267 (54.4%) males and 1902(45.62%) females giving a male: female ratio of 1.2:1.
The highest number of people in this series was between the ranges 5-35 years of age making 61.4% of the total. The top six skin diseases were eczema/ dermatitis (28%), viral infections (20.5%), Bacterial infections (13.7%), parasitic diseases (10.8%), Acne vulgaris (7.02%) and Urticaria (6.23%).The major disorder in males and female was eczema/ dermatitis (15.3 %) and (12.7%) respectively
Conclusions: Our results showed that eczema/dermatitis, is the most common disease in both male and female followed by infection especially viral infection and parasitic disease in our region. Emphasis should be placed on this group of common skin diseases at all levels of health care system and should implement appropriate training programs for diagnosis and management to decrease referrals to dermatology clinics.

Pathogenicity islands of Escherichia coli isolated from clinical samples

Mohammad Sabri Abdul-Razzak; Lamees Abdul-Razzak Abdul-Lateef

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 129-141

Background:- Pathogenicity islands (PAI) are located on the chromosome; however, they can also be part of bacterial plasmid and phages . PAIs were first described in uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC).
Gene encoding for hemolysin, P pili, S fimbriae have been found on various PAIs in different E. coli strains of UTI .
Objective:- The aim of this study to investigate the some of pathogenicity islands markers of E.coli isolated from clinical samples by using molecular primer.
Patients and methods:- In a total, 12 E.coli strains were collected in this study. Strains were isolated from various clinical samples by standard bacteriological methods. PCR was conducted to determine the PAIs of the isolates by using primers papC, papG(I, II), sfa, hlyC/A , iucC and PAi. The PCR amplification product were visualized by electrophoresis on 1% agarose gels for 45min at 60v. the size of the amplicons were determined by comparison to the 100 bp allelic ladder.
Results: In this study, 12 isolates of Escherichia coli were genotypically characterized by PCR assay. Among isolates studies it was found that PAi is found in only one isolates (urine). PapGI is absent from all isolates while papGII is present in ten isolates mostly in urine (n=3) and vagina(n=3), papC is present in only one isolate include urine, sfa is present only in three isolates. Also, the gene hlyC/A is present in five isolates, mostly in urine(n=3), also, these positive isolates had the ability to produce extracellular hemolysin, and aerobactein gene iucC is present in eight isolates mostly in stool(n=3) and rectal(n=3).
Conclusion: Each steps in the infection process can be mediated by a number of alternative virulence factors and each strain may have a unique combination of these factors.
Recommendation:- Direct molecular identification of E. coli in clinical samples.

Histopathological study on the effect of antioxidants (vitamin E and selenium) in hepatotoxicity induced by lead acetate in rats

Adnan W. Al-Bideri

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 142-155

The study was carried out to evaluate histopathological changes in rats liver induced by different doses and durations of lead acetate toxicity and to investigate the therapeutic effects of vitamin E and Selenium together against lead poisoning.Thirty two adult male rats (Rattus rattus), randomized into four groups (n=8) were used for this study. In group I rats received only drinking water as control while in group II , III and IV rats were given o.5%,1%,1.5% lead acetate respectively in drinking water for ten weeks.
Two animals from each group were sacrificed and and dissected after five weeks and ten weeks of treatment with lead acetate.One week later animal groups were treated orally with vitamin E and selenium as a daily dose for two weeks(100mg Vit.E and 0.25mg Se/kg B.W) for first week and (200mg Vit.E and 0.5mg Se/kg B.W) for second week respectively. Also two animals from each group were sacrificed at the end of each period.The obtained results showed that lead acetate caused progressive histopathological changes depending upon the duration of exposure and concentration of lead acetate in drinking water but the treatment with antioxidants (vitamin E and Selenium together) decrease the damage to liver cells . It can be concluded that those antioxidants seem to have a benefit effects to recovery the liver tissue lead burden and had a therapeutic effects against hepatoxicity.

Protoscolicidal effects of ferulic acid on viability of protoscolices of hydatid cyst: In vitro study

Haider I. Felaih; Bassim I. Mohammed; Maani N. Alshemary

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 156-166

Ferulic acid is one of phenolic compounds derivatives that reported to be a successful antimicrobial agent. This study aimed to investigate the effect of Ferulic acid solution on the viability of Echinococcus granulosus protoscolises. To evaluate the effects of various concentrations of Ferulic acid, 126 samples of live protoscolices of hydatid cyst were exposed to 10, 20 and 30 mg/ml concentration of Ferulic acid and 50% hypertonic glucose solutions as a positive control and 30% dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) as a control and solvent. The protoscolicidal effect evaluated after 1, 3 and 7 minute, the protoscolicidal effects were determined by 0.1% eosin (eosin exclusion test), in this test protoscolices viability determined depending on the change in protoscolices green color to red after dye.
A 30 mg/ml of Ferulic acid revealed perfect protoscolicidal effect (100% fatality rate) in 7 minute post treatment wile 50% hypertonic glucose made a significant decrease in protoscolices viability (94% fatality rate) in the same duration of exposure.
The results showed that Ferulic acid solution is highly effective in killing protoscolices of Echinococcus granulosus in vitro.

Effect of licorice extract on lipid profile in hypercholestermic male rabbits

A. Razzak A.Latif; Yamama S. Alwash; Nisreen J.Al-Bayati

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 167-178

Atherosclerosis is degeneration, hardening and loss of elasticity ,it includes accumulation of lipid, inflammatory cells, and fibrous tissue in the intima, which causes intimal thickening of large and mid-sized arteries. Oxidative stress plays a major role in initiation, propagation and rupture of atherosclerotic plaque. Glycyrrhiza glabra is an herb of Fabacea family which contain hypolipidemic compounds and flavonoids with high antioxidative properties.
This study was conducted to determine the effect of Glycyrrhiza glabra extract on blood lipids and atherosclerosis in rabbits fed with high cholesterol diet.Results show that Glycyrrhiza glabra significantly decrease total cholesterol (TC), low- density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) and triglyceride (TG) levels with increase in high- density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL), also it significantly decreases MDA level and increases serum GSH level. Hence Glycyrrhiza glabra extract has hypolipidemic and antioxidant effect.

Determinants of immediate outcome of surgical esophagectomy

Hassan Abdulla Al-aquli; Fadhil Al-amran

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 179-189

Background: Transhiatal esophagectomy (THE) has been gaining popularity for the past two and a half decades. In 1978 Orringer and Sloan renewed interest in this procedure, presenting it as an alternative approach to the more traditional transthoracic esophagectomy. This is done without a thoracotomy and the physiologic impact on the body is minimized, resulting in decreased morbidity and mortality rates.
Patients and methods: this is retrospective and prospective study include total number of 93 patients underwent surgical esophagectomy for different reasons during period of time from December 2003 until July 2011, in AL- Najaf Governorate hospitals. Patients reviewed retrospectively, postoperative outcome that noticed during one month period postoperatively. Surgical access is divided into three approaches either left or right thoracotomy approach with laparotomy. Third approach was the transhiatal esophagectomy.
Results: The mean age of patients was the oldest in right thoracotomy group (5o± 6.5 years) and less in left thoracotomy group (48± 4.6 years) and least in transhiatal group (46±5.1 years). Transhiatal group for non tumor causes is exceptional group as this is childhood with age (6±2.3 year). There is significant predominance of male gender and the adenocarcinoma is the predominant histopathological type in all groups. This study addressed that transhiatal approach is a better option for esophageal resection if the patient is good candidate for this approach, as this approach has shorter surgical time, less hospital stay, no anastomotic leak, no gastric dilatation as stomach will be enclosed in the esophageal bed, however this approach- the transhiatal- has more blood loss and more incidence of cardiac compression and arrhythmias which need special and close observation and management.
Conclusions: Transhiatal approach is a better option in suitable candidate that has better immediate surgical outcome yet it need more close observation and management.
Background:Transhiatal esophagectomy (THE) has been gaining popularity for the past two and a half decades. In 1978 Orringer and Sloan renewed interest in this procedure, presenting it as an alternative approach to the more traditional transthoracic esophagectomy.(1) This is done without a thoracotomy and the physiologic impact on the body is minimized, resulting in decreased morbidity and mortality rates.

Effect of omeprazole on reproductive hormonal levels and sexual function in male patients with peptic ulcer disease

Imad A-J Thanoon; Ala; a Qusay Mahmood

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 190-198

Objectives: To assess the effects of Omeprazole at a fixed dose on sexual function (by self reporting questionnaire) and serum levels of testosterone, prolactin, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), and estradiol (E2) in newly diagnosed male patients with peptic ulcer disease, in comparison to healthy controls.
Patients and Methods: Patients were received and interviewed in Ibn-Sina Hospital, out-patient clinic, medical section and were selected according to certain criteria. From 60 male patients selected only 43 completed the follow-up study. Initially sexual function were assessed using a self-reporting questionnaire and a blood samples were taken with assay of serum testosterone, prolactin, FSH, LH and E2 using Minividus technique. Patients than put on Omeprazole therapy 20mg twice daily for 45 days with Clarithromycin 500mg twice daily and Metronidazole 500mg twice daily for the initial 10 days. By the end of the suggested period of follow-up, sexual function were assessed by self-reporting questionnaire and other blood samples were taken with assay of serum testosterone, prolactin, FSH, LH and E2 using the same analytical technique. Included in this study also forty apparently healthy age, matched male volunteers as a control group . Blood samples were also withdrawn from them and assay of serum testosterone prolactin, FSH, LH and E2 were done , with assessment of sexual function using the same self reporting questionnaire. For both groups ( the patients and controls), body mass index were calculated using special equation.
Results:There was insignificant differences in the parameters of sexual function between patients with peptic ulcer disease in the pre-therapy stages and the controls, so as in the serum levels of testosterone, prolactin, FSH, LH and E2. After therapy there was a significant differences in the mean serum level of testosterone from the pre-therapy stage and the controls, with insignificant differences in the sexual function parameters and serum levels of prolactin, FSH, LH and E2.
Conclusion: Long term Omeprazole therapy might cause a reduction in the level of testosterone hormone with insignificant effects on other sexual hormonal levels (prolactin, FSH, LH and E2) within significant effect on sexual function, in male patients with peptic ulcer disease.

Effects of Akaka Allium akaka Gmel. extracts on the control of bacterial growth

Abdul-Ghany Omer Ismaeel Sarmamy

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 199-208

Several experiments were conducted, to determine the effects of extracts of vegetative parts of Lusha (Allium akaka) on growth of some human and plant pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Xanthomonas campestris and Erwinia caratovora. Plant vegetative parts were extracted (crude extraction) using distilled water and ethanol (90%). Concentrations of 500, 1000, 5000 and 10000g disc-1 and g ml-1 were tested. Sterilized distilled water used as control. CRD was applied with four replications, the results analyzed statistically using SPSS and the means were compared using Duncan Multiple Range Test at 0.01 level.
Results showed that ethanol extracts were effective at concentration of 5000g disc-1and 10000g ml-1 against Staphylococcus aureus, Xanthomonas campestris and Erwinia caratovora while aqueous extract affected on Staphylococcus aureus at 10000 g ml-1only. Escherichia coli were not affected by the plant extract at all concentrations used in this study. Agar disc diffusion technique was more effective than disc saturation method for determination of plant extract effects on the growth of bacteria.

BCG & tuberculin induced experimental lapin secondary cryoglobulinemia

Ibrahim M. Shnawa; Yazi Abdulla Jassim

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 209-219

جرى استخدام كل من BCG والتيوبيركلين بوصفهما منبهان مناعيان محتملان لاستثارة الاستجابة المناعية الباردة في نموذج الأرنب . وتضمنت الدراسة برامج التمنيع وفرط التمنيع بBCG والتيوبيركلين من خلال الاستجابة المناعية الأولية والثانوية . وكانت قرائن التعرف على الاستجابة المناعية الباردة من خلال نسب الكرايوكريت في الترسيب المتعاكس بدرجة 4مْ والذوبان بدرجة 45مْ .حيث تبين ان التيوبيركلين وBCG منبهان مناعيان جيدان في استثارة الاستجابة المناعية الباردة في الأرنب .وظهرت زيادة الكلوبيولين البارد المحتثة تجريبيا في الأرنب ثانوية مختلطة مشتركة أو غير مشتركة مع عامل الرثوانية ويمكن تصنيفها من صنف II-III وبناءا على ذلك فان هذا النموذج التجريبي لزيادة الكلوبيولين البارد يوفر دعم لزيادة الكلوبيولين البارد العفوية في مرضى التدرن الرئوي .

Traumatic dorso lumbar spine fractures and its management

Musaed Hekmat Al Dahhan

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 220-231

The dorsolumbar segment is an unstable zone between fixed dorsal and mobile spine. The posterior approach with interpedicular screws and rods for segment stabilization was found appropriate method.
Forty eight consecutive patients of dorso-lumbar spine injuries with or without neurological deficit ranged from 18-55 years were included in this study. LI vertebra was fractured in 32 cases, D12 in 12 cases l 1 in 3 cases and D10 in one case.21 patients presented with unstable fractures, 12 of them presented with complete paraplegia while 9 presented with incomplete neurological deficit. 16 patients with stable fractures treated conservatively while 32 patients treated surgically by decompression of the cord (Laminectomy) at the site of injury with stabilization by interpedicular screws and rods.
All sixteen patients without neurological deficit and stable fractures treated conservatively and return to the work within 3 weeks of injury, 9 patients presented with partial neurological deficit showed significant improvement after surgery, while those 12 patients who presented with complete paraplegia showed no any significant improvement.
The anterior wedge compression angle decreased postoperatively and there is improvement in kyphosis and decrease in severity of the pain.
Transpedicular screws fixation with rods is the method of choice in treatment of dorsolumbar spine injury for stabilization and decompression to allow improvement of neurological deficit and early rehabilitation.

The more for the less: fracture fixation tools for spine stabilization in difficult war times with analysis of modes of failure

Sameer AbdulAmeer Kitab

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 232-246

Iraq witnessed major war conflicts with devastating effects on the health care system .War and aftermath consequently affected standards of spine care. Patients with different spine melodies that jeopardize spine stability or neural integrity were stabilized using fracture fixation tools, that are inexpensive and were relatively available. This report describes the current application of short and long pedicle screw-plate constructs as spine stabilizers with analysis of modes of failure . Twenty two patients with grades two and three spondylolisthesis were stabilized with short single level constructs and followed for (5.3-10) years.Four patients had screw or plate failure.
Long segment constructs with two segments fixed above and two segments below the index level were applied in eleven trauma and tumor cases with instability and incomplete or impending neurologic injury that jeopardize cord function .Three patients got caudal screws failure .Patients had statistically significant improvement in radiological and patient oriented outcome measures. Attaining the right biomechanical environment is more important than actual metal for fusion success and stability.

The significance of preoperative white blood cells count and ultrasonography for diagnosis of acute appendicitis

Majeed H. H.AL-amiri

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 247-253

Background:Appendicectomy is still the most common surgical procedure; but diagnostic failure may still occur & leads to delay in treatment or negative appendicectomy.
Objectives of this study:to evaluate value of preoperative white blood cells count &ultrasonography in diagnosis of acute appendicitis
Patients and methods:This study had been carried on 588 cases of acute appendicitis. Appendicectomy done for all cases.
Over period of 4 years from January 2006-january 2010. the range of age was between 7-76 years.
With mean age of (41.5 years).and median age 25 years old. 366 males (62.244%) and 222 females (37.755). ultrasonography done for all patients by our radiologists. white blood cells count performed in our lab.
Results:Negative appendicectomy rate was 102 patients (17.346%) this rate was 42 patients (11.475%) for male and 60 patients (27.027%) for female patients. positive appendicitis in 486
Increase white blood cells count for acute appendicitis (histological positive result) in 388 patients (79.835%) from the 486 patients.
And increase white blood cells count for non-acute appendicitis (i.e. negative histological result) in 52 patients (50.980) from the 102 patients.
Conclusion:In spite of the improvement tests for acute appendicitis we could not sufficiently reduce the negative appendicectomy rate. If there is doubt about the diagnosis although leukocyte levels and altrasonographic result are normal, especially for female patients performing further radiologic examination such as CT can be favorable.

The effect of chronic use of combined Oral contraceptive pills on pap smear

Abdaladeem Yousif Jasem; Shaimaa Mohsen

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 254-259

To assess the probability that combined oral contraceptive pills increase the risk of cervical epithelial changes ( like dysplasia or other changes ),we conducted a case controlled study in Diwaniyah maternity & pediatric teaching hospital; ninty –two women with chronic use of combined oral contraceptive pills ( using pills for 5 years or more ) were chosen as a study group ,while one hundred –twenty women with no history of using the pills ( non-users ) were selected as a control group for evaluation,both the control & study groups were matched by age,parity,socio-economic status & number of sex partners ( all with a single partner being a muslim).
This is to rule out any other effects on the pap smear except for the use of combined oral contraceptive pills,all women were non-smokers, the duration of using the pills was 5 years or more in the study group( all are chronic users which means using the pills for more than 5 years ), our findings were close to some other studies ; it showed an association between chronic use of combined oral contraceptive pills & cervical cellular changes.

Lipid profile and pre – eclampsia

Eman Chafat Karawn; Ahlam Abdul-Hadi

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 260-271

Objective: To assess if there are changes in lipid profile in pre-eclampsia and if these changes can be used as marker of severity of the condition.
Study design: This study include 100 pregnant women divided into 3 groups.
1) 25 pregnant women with sever pre-eclampsia in the third trimester.
2) 25 pregnant women with mild-moderate pre-eclampsia in the third trimester .
3) 50 apparently healthy pregnant women of comparable age &parity in the third trimester.
All were investigated for serum lipid profile including
serum cholesterol(CH)
serum triglyceride(TG)
serum high density lipoprotein(HDL)
serum low density lipoprotein(LDL)
serum very low density lipoprotein(VLDL)
Result: There was significant increase in serum TG ,VLDL and LDL level in women with pre -eclampsia than the control group and no significant difference in the serum cholesterol, while patient with pre-eclampsia had lower HDL level.
When we compare patient with sever pre-eclampsia with patient with mild pre - eclampsia we found that women with sever pre -eclampsia has significantly higher level of TG and VLDL only.

Amelioration Of Doxorubicin Induced Cardiotoxicity

Najah R Hadi; Sadiq J Ali; Nadhim Hinti

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 272-292

The therapeutic usefulness of doxorubicin (DXR), an anthracycline antibiotic, is limited by its cardiotoxicity. The present study investigated the effects of vitamin E, carvedilol, telmisartan and omega-3 against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in rats
using biochemical approaches . Telmisartan (1 mg/kg/day) orally, vitamin E(100 mg/kg) orally. carvedilol (10mg/kg) orally and omega-3 (20 mg/kg) orally were administered orally for 7 days followed by doxorubicin (15 mg/kg) was injected intraperitoneally (ip) as a single dose . Rats treated with DXR showed cardiotoxicity as evidenced by elevation of serum lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activity, serum creatin kinase (CK-MB);serum malondialdehyde (MDA) level, catalase activity did not change in our study after treatment with doxorubicin . Post-treatment with vitamin E , carvidilol, omega -3 and telmisartan elicited a significant decrease in the activities of LDH and CK-MB in comparison with DXR-treated group. Furthermore , post-treatment with vitamin E , carvidilol, and telmisartan also significantly decreased lipid peroxidation (MDA level) in comparison with DXR group.
These results suggest that vitamin E , carvidilol, omega -3 and telmisartan treatment provides a significant protective effect against acute-doxorubicin induced cardiotoxicity in rat.