Keywords : Anemia and Hepcidin

Estimation of Hepcidin Level and Its Correlation With Iron State in Pregnant Women

Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 103-109

This study aimed for determination of serum hepcidin level and its association with ‎iron ‎state in pregnant women with and without anemia. ‏This study comprises ‎86 pregnant women divided into two groups, the first ‎group comprises 49 pregnant women without iron deficiency ‎anemia‎, the second group comprises 37 pregnant women with iron ‎deficiency anemia. ‎Blood was drawn from all pregnant women for determination of serum ferritin and hepcidin concentrations. The results establish a significant decrease in serum ferritin ‎and hepcidin concentrations in pregnant women with anemia as paralleled with pregnant women without anemia. The outcomes of linear regression analysis demonstrate a significant positive association between serum ferritin ‎and hepcidin concentrations in both study groups. In conclusion, measurement of serum hepcidin level is an important parameter for ‎evaluation the iron state in pregnant women. ‎